Sapphire Series V-Insert


Hunger is NOT an option with the Dazzling but Deadly Sapphire Series V-Insert

Inspired by our Treasure State’s well-known Fancy Montana Sapphires found in a rainbow of vibrant-sparkling- and sun-catching colors, we are proud to present the dazzling Sapphire Series V-Inserts!

Captures Natural Light – Like Fiber Optics and 50 State Legal

Without giving away our “secret sauce”, the compound material makeup of these stunning new V-Inserts allows for the natural light to be captured much like fiber optic pins but even better!  Plus, the V-Inserts are 50-State-Legal enabling you to maximize low light conditions ethically.

Maximize Ground Blind View

Much like a Fancy Montana Sapphire, the transparency of this V-Insert material and color combo cause the V-Insert’s Tick-Marks ‘(pins) Stadia Lines to become very visible in ground blinds.

Indestructible but Flexible

The new material makeup of the Sapphire Series V-Inserts remains indestructible yet now flexible just enough to easily and swiftly swap out V-Inserts as necessary.


These brilliant Sapphire Series’ colors are sure to turn-heads and turn your bow into a Super Model -Terminator without costing you a pile of cash.   Just sayin’

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Weight2.0 oz

Sapphire Green, Sapphire Orange


200, 220, 240, 250, 260, 270, 280, 290, 300, 310, 320, 340