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The ReVolution Has Arrived

Sighting-In Instructions

Sighting-in is EZ – but follow the directions carefully!

  1. Measure off a nocked arrow up to your existing 20-yard pin. This should be 3-4” but record accurately – remove your old sight.
  2. Mount your EZ V Sight by removing bolts from quiver mounting holes – put bolts through non-threaded holes, and secure to your bow.
  3. Barely loosen the bolt on the side of the sight to allow the body to rotate – but with resistance – and barely crack loose the windage bolt on the front of the sight to position your sight exactly where your old sight was by again measuring off a nocked arrow to the top 20-yard tick mark pair.
  4. Securing all the bolts snug (do not overtightening) and rotating the scope precisely square to your eye – you are ready.
  5. Many find shooting a 16”ish cardboard circle first eases the transition. Simply place 20-yard tick marks at 9 & 3 O’clock on the circle.
  6. Shoot 20-yards, 30-yards, and 40-yard making tiny adjustments (follow your arrow group).
  7. With your 30-yard group perfect – if your 20-yard group is low and your 40-yard group is high – swap to a faster rated V-Insert. If your 20-yard group is high and your 40-yard group is low – swap to slower rated V-Insert.
  8. Once comfortable – shoot 25-yds, 35-yds, and 45-yds (in between tick marks) – then walk around – frame circle and shoot from any random distance. You may need to make slight adjustments custom to your perspective.
  9. Now, mount enclosed vital zone paper target – place your tick marks on the dots at any random distance – double lung shot every time! GOOD HUNTING!

NOTE: V-Inserts are tight. To swap, simply push the bottom- then the top – then the bottom again until the V-Insert comes out. To install – align the bumps with the holes “clocking” and press new insert back in. Numbers are molded in top-left corner of V-Insert representing the size coordinated
on the EZ V Size Chart. By placing your old pin sight on the chart by aligning your pins to the dots, you can find an exact match instantly. EZ!

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